Product Development

There are so many unique and delicious foods from around the world that maybe you haven't taste them yet. 
Because of that, we are trying to bring them to you with their real authenticity and easy-to-enjoy. Let's discover them with your beloved people!

Gento Nakanishi

General Manager, Research & Development Division
Joined 2019

Experience to travel around the world for several years made Gento-san has the knowledge about delicious food around the world. Pushed by his passion in food creation, Gento-san joined Mcdeli in order to bring the uniqueness and deliciousness of food around the world to Indonesian people, it's a personal honor for him!

Megumi Ito

R&D Dessert Manager, Research & Development Division
Joined 2020

Megumi-san has always been a fan of desserts where in Japan there are so many delicious desserts! Her interest has led her to pursue dessert making since 2010. Moving to Indonesia, Megumi-san is committed to introducing delicious desserts from Japan which is so memorable for her!

Led by Japanese Chef

Research activity is led by Japanese Chef who knows thousand of food experience in the world

Present New Experience

Not only focus to regular food but also delicious food around the world so we can present new experience to our beloved customer.

Japanese technology

By combining the latest Japanese technology and knowledge from the experts to reach our destiny